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All RAM SHOX are developed specifically for the models listed by designers who are also Motorcyclists with over 50 years of hands on Road and Competition experience.

Classic Twinshox Monoshox Offset Classic Competition

Realm Engineering (RAM) have been designing and manufacturing products for the speciality auto market for over 35 years - from the beginnings in the GRP Industry, through to complete replica Sports Cars and a whole range of specialised items - such as Transmission adaptor kits, custom alloy and brass cooling radiators, stainless steel exhaust systems, alloy tanks and fabrications and a range of Replica period alloy wheels for Jaguar C and D Type [ + a whole range of  iconic sports cars ].

Shock absorbers and related suspension parts for motorcycles were a natural progression from the racing successes with the RAM Cobras and D Types.

When deciding on a format for the motorcycle RAM SHOX, it was clear that people wanted a classic looking unit but with modern technology. Realm enquired on many speciality bike forums to find out what owners really wanted, and after all the feedback was assimilated - the RAM classic formula was adopted of a polished alloy body [ deep clear anodised ] with traditional Black spring.

Realm have spent the past 35 years listening to customers and discussing their needs, and the policy with RAM SHOX is exactly the same - yes there are dedicated fitting lists - but there will always be requirements outside the normal parameters.

That’s where Realm pick up the slack - we're happy to discuss your requirements, AND come up with a suitable solution where possible.

RAM SHOX have representation in the USA and Canada.

For other Dealer / Agent enquiries - please contact us on +44 [ 0 ] 1386 849 116 or email us.